BPO Services

Our BPO services can take over the tasks that are currently being performed by your in-house team. We provide a wide range of services, including customer service management, data input, data analysis, customer service and other business-related activities, call center operations and back-office operations such as data processing, accounting and payroll and logistics support such as warehousing and transportation.

By providing a high-quality service at a reasonable price, we businesses stand out from the competition and grow their customer base.

Our goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of running your business by outsourcing non-core functions to third-party providers like us.

Save money by reducing their labor costs

Improve organizational agility & flexibility

Increase efficiency and boost revenue

Gain more command on strategic areas

Focus on higher-value activities like innovation and product development

Save your money by outsourcing tasks and better focus on creating and selling your core products or services.

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Inbound Call Center

Our Inbound call center services help businesses attract potential customers. We provide inbound call center services for various business segments and IT and software companies across the world. Our solutions include Hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. We also provide virtual receptionists, voice recording, messaging and more. With our inbound call center services, you can cut your costs and improve customer satisfaction.

We have qualified experts who provide customer service representatives assistance in a variety of ways, including answering questions, resolving disputes, and helping customers with problem resolution. With our inbound call center solutions you can reduce the amount of time taken for resolution of customer issues.

Additionally, improve efficiency and reduce costs by managing customer interactions in real time. In addition to answering customer questions, our inbound call center staff can also monitor the progress of ongoing orders, queries, business enquiries, proposals, etc. and provide status updates when necessary.

Outbound Call Center

Our outbound call center services include outbound sales and marketing, sales coaching and training, lead generation, customer support, sales and marketing, product development surveys, and many more. Outbound calls include sales calls, support calls or even process improvement calls. Use our services and reduce the need for traditional office space. Large corporations that want to provide a service far away from their home base, or increase productivity of their core staff.

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Outbound call center services are beneficial for many reasons. First, they allow companies to get in touch with customers outside of regular business hours. Second, outbound call centers allow companies to scale their operations quickly and reliably. Finally, outbound call centers give companies an opportunity to improve their customer service experience.

Our outbound call center services promote your business while increasing conversion rates and closing more sales. Our services are especially useful for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to expand their customer base, engage with new customers, build trust with potential customers, or generate leads.

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Telemarketing & Hardcore Sales Campaign

We are a trusted and respected telemarketing outsourcing service in India. Our Telemarketing services include appointment scheduling, cross-selling, lead generation, hardcore sales campaigns, product promotion, telephonic surveys etc. We have a proven track record of converting qualified leads into sales. Outsourcing telemarketing may be the best way to save money on your telemarketing budget, and get a good return on investment.

We have a proven track record, with a diverse client base, and offerings at competitive prices. As a mainstream telemarketing outsourcing service provider we have the right skills needed for all types of campaigns you are running, including the social media ones. Augment your CRM, create reliable leads, and increase revenue without hassle.

If you don’t want to hire full-time telemarketers or if you don’t have the skills to recruit and train new hires, outsourcing your telemarketing needs is a smart move. Outsourcing your telemarketing team saves you money and time, while still giving you the control over how your services are delivered.

24/7 Omnichannel
Customer Support

A key differentiator of an effective multi-channel customer support strategy is the ability to provide an integrated approach that encompasses all channels. A multi-channel customer support approach can help a company to be more responsive to its customers and improve the overall customer experience. Our 24/7 omnichannel customer support model is implemented across multiple channels, such as email, chat, telephone, and social media.

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When it comes to customer support, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a bad experience. If your customers are having a hard time with your service or product, it's only natural that they might choose to look elsewhere. Our customer support services ensure that all customer interactions are communicated in a consistent manner.

While outsourcing your customer support services to us, be assured of clear processes and guidelines for agents to follow when interacting with your customers across channels. We believe in providing the best support possible, and our priority is to provide excellent 24/7 customer services on behalf of our clients.