RPO Services

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services are affordable for small and mid-sized businesses that don’t want to burden themselves with hiring full-time recruitment staff and the operational expenses associated with running the hiring processes. They can also be useful for large companies that don’t want to deal with the overhead of running a full recruitment department. As an RPO service provider, we act as an intermediary between employers and candidates, sourcing, screening, and placing candidates.

Recruitment outsourcing is a recruitment approach in which the recruiting function is outsourced to a third-party company.

We have you covered, whether it is sourcing, recruitment, contract staffing, head-hunting, admin support, or screening tests for candidates.

Result-driven recruitment solutions

Unique blend of recruitment, consulting, and allied services

Affordable, sophisticated, and reliable staffing procedures

Empowering clients with precise talent infusion

Custom solutions to address unique recruitment challenges of clients

We offer end-to-end scalable, professional, and flexible recruitment process outsourcing solutions powered by latest technologies

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Sourcing Services

Our talent sourcing services and specialists are reliable solutions to identify and recruit the most qualified, skilled and suitable candidates for open positions. We offer a variety of services from resume creation, interviewing, training, talent recruiting, and background validation services, among others. Apart from sourcing candidates, we assist in the matching process by helping to assess the fit between candidates and positions.

Talent sourcing services and specialists are a great way to find talented people from around the world. In addition to screening and hiring individuals, talent sourcing services can also help companies recruit employees through job boards or social media. They can also provide training and coaching to help employees develop the skills they need to perform at their best.

We use various methods to source talent, including recruiting networks, job boards, social media, and other sources. We manage your hiring process by managing candidate communication, providing analytics reports, and providing feedback on candidates’ applications. Our services help companies to fill key positions quickly and efficiently by identifying qualified candidates who meet their organizational needs.

Full-Cycle Recruitment

Our full cycle recruitment service recruits, trains, and manages the entire workforce needed for a project by companies. We also specialize in temporary staffing, payroll processing, benefits administration, and program management. Our goal is to provide clients with a skilled and ready pool of employees to meet their short-term and long-term needs. Hire our services to avoid the time, hassle, and expense involved in hiring, training, and managing new employees.

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Recruitment is a critical part of every business, but it can be challenging to get started. One way to overcome this challenge is to use a full cycle recruitment service that minimizes overall costs by reducing administrative overhead by focusing on recruitment, training, and management as a single step instead of three separate tasks.

From the initial search and finding candidates to processing paperwork, we efficiently handle most of the steps involved in recruiting new employees. Collaborate with us if you do not have the time or resources to handle recruitment on your own. We have recruited, sourced, screened, interviewed, and selected candidates for various esteemed companies globally. Our full-cycle recruitment services are more cost effective than traditional staffing solutions.

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Direct Hire Services

We are experts in sourcing candidates from extensive networks of companies and ensure that qualified applicants with a sound background are recruited that fit your company’s culture. Companies looking to hire long-term employees that directly report to them can hire us to recruit such a pool of candidates. We hire and put the employee on your payroll and benefits. Alternatively, we can identify the best talent and send them to you for interviews.

Hire us if you have open positions for a long time or your job advertisements were unable to bring in good candidates. If you are struggling with high turnover or receive little response to job postings, we can help you with our dedicated outsourcing services for direct hire needs. We also assist you in providing the best industry training to direct hires if required.

Direct hire is a great solution for filling job roles requiring niche expertise or candidates with special skills that are difficult to find. Direct placement hiring our services will spare you from using your resources to source, screen, and recruit candidates. We offer direct hire solutions tailored to your staffing needs.

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing solutions hire temporary workers on an as-needed basis. For employers, contract staff can help them meet short-term staffing needs. We hire contract staff for your requirements and also negotiate the terms of the engagement – including pay rates, hours of work, and additional benefits – before signing a contract. We make them understand their responsibilities and obligations.

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There are many benefits of contract staffing with us. It allows you to hire employees on a short-term basis with the flexibility to adjust staffing levels as the business needs change. It reduces costs by reducing the number of full-time positions that need to be paid. It provides flexibility and control over the employee’s schedule and working conditions.

Contract staffing is a common type of staffing in which an agency hires an employee on a temporary basis to fill a position for a set duration of time. Contract staff is hired for specific tasks, tasks that must be performed often or on a regular basis. Since contract staff is hired on a short-term basis, you can make changes as needed without having to worry about staffing costs loading up your budget.

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Recruitment Admin Support

With our recruitment admin support services, we manage all recruitment-related administrative tasks, including researching and locating suitable candidates, managing applications and following up with applicants on a regular basis, email communication with candidates, and many more. If you are stuck with tedious recruitment tasks that you need to outsource to save resources, and time, hire us to eliminate recruitment-related hassles.

Our other recruitment admin support services include performing critical tasks such as applicant lead generation, job postings on website and social media channels, resume formatting, candidate consultation, interview scheduling, background checks, recruitment data analytics, and reporting.

We also assist in organizing candidate logistics such as flights, hotel rooms, meals, and transportation to interviews. We also maintain records of all these tasks in an organized manner so that we can provide complete information when necessary. As a recruitment admin support service, we oversee all aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing suitable candidates to scheduling interviews and handling all candidate inquiries.

Head Hunting and Executive Search

Hiring headhunting services for finding talent is a great way to unburden yourself. Finding a headhunter who knows the market and has connections with potential employers can be invaluable if you're looking to fill jobs. Our Headhunters and executive search experts can help identify opportunities you might not have otherwise found and help you build a strong network of contacts.

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From an employee’s perspective, headhunting is about access to information that others might not have. Being in touch with recruiters means you’ll know when jobs are opening up and that you’ll be able to apply for them quickly. It’s also important to make sure that you really want to work for the company, as headhunters will be able to tell if you’re a good fit for the job.

A headhunter is a contracted professional that a company hires to find the best candidates for a specific job. Companies typically outsource this task to headhunters who need to fill a particular position very quickly. Headhunters are detail-oriented with great interpersonal skills, allowing them to navigate their large network to find potential hires for a company. When necessary, our headhunters may even approach currently employed individuals to see if they would be interested in a new experience and challenge at another company.

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Pre-Employment Screening Tests

Our Pre-employment screening test services are used to quickly evaluate candidates' basic fitness and integrity for particular positions. These tests can be simple, like a physical exam and screening, or more complex, such as a psychological exam and interview. The goal is to identify those who would likely succeed in the job and those who would likely fail. There are dozens of pre-employment screening tests that we strategize to screen applicants for various positions.

There are a variety of pre-employment screening tests that we conduct based on requirements. Some focus on cognitive skills (e.g., educational level, math aptitude), while others measure noncognitive skills (e.g., willingness to change, work ethic). Others focus on measuring personality traits (e.g., extroversion, emotional stability). The chosen type will depend on your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Pre-employment screening tests are designed to assess applicants' skills, aptitudes, and personality traits for a job. They help employers identify potential employees who will be most successful in their roles. Although many of these pre-employment screening tests vary slightly, they all share one common aim – to ensure that potential employees are suitable for the job. Our pre-employment screening test service takes care of the management, conduction, and evaluation of the test on your behalf.

Project-Based Recruitment/Mass Hiring

Project-based recruitment is a great way to ensure that you get the right candidates for your team for special projects. Our project-based recruitment services align the recruiting process with your organization’s mission, values, and goals. It also helps you identify key skills that are highly sought after in today’s competitive job market for key projects. We use project-based recruitment tools, including task boards, work samples, etc., to find the best fit for your projects.

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Mass recruitment is a broad term that encompasses many different types of recruitment strategies with the goal of attracting many applicants with relevant skills and experience. More broadly, mass recruitment can refer to any strategy aimed at bringing in a large number of potential employees.

Our Mass Hiring services allow companies to hire many workers in a short time. With our Mass Hiring service, you can fill any number of positions, from entry level to upper management roles. By hiring large numbers of workers at once, companies can reduce the cost per hire and save time in the long run. It’s crucial that you select people with the right skills and experience to fit your company's needs and those who can contribute to your organization’s success.

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Pre-Employment Verification Services

Our Pre-Employment Verification services are designed to screen job candidates for criminal history, employment history, and other reasons why they may not be a good fit with an organization. These services include behavioral screening, credit checks, and background checks. Our Pre-Employment Verification services can help ensure that you are hiring the best possible candidate for your organization. They can help prevent costly mistakes from happening in the first place by giving you a chance to assess whether a potential employee might have a negative impact on your business before you hire them.

Pre-employment verification services are a type of background checking service that provides employers with a report on the applicant’s past work history, education, and other information. Having access to all of this information before you make a final decision will give you the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether or not this person is a good fit for your organization.

Pre-employment verification services include credit reports, employment screening tools, and criminal records. Due to the wide range of sources used to verify an applicant’s identity, pre-employment verification services can help ensure that the individual is who they say they are. They can also help you solve problems that could arise if you hire someone with a criminal record or other problems in their past that make them unsuitable for the job.

VMS Support

Our vendor management system support services are designed to handle VMS solutions on behalf of our clients. VMSs are used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and government. They provide a platform for employers to post job openings, receive applications from qualified candidates, conduct background checks, and conduct reference checks. VMSs also offer employers the ability to manage the entire process of staffing their company, from recruitment to onboarding.

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VMSs are designed to streamline the procurement process and help businesses save money by reducing the number of hours spent on recruiting. VMS support services are useful for businesses that might not have the resources or time to handle the recruitment process themselves.

A VMS is a digital system by which an end client manages its relations with its supplier, often in the context of contingent staffing. VMS technology can be used to monitor performance, measure quality, and track expenses. In addition, VMS systems can be used to automate and streamline back-office functions and provide access to big data analytics for business intelligence purposes. We take care of all the nuances associated with handling, managing, and streamlining VMS software.